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Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Xenonex and Yorkshire Children’s Centre “helping others to help themselves”.

a Xenonex team member holding a sign with the Yorkshire Children Centre logo on it, on a blue background


Senior managers at Yorkshire Children’s Centre were looking to upskill their leaders and managers and chose to undertake a pilot of Xenonex’s online management courses. Due to the huge success of the pilot scheme, Yorkshire Children’s Centre decided to offer a programme of courses to managers within their organisation.



The programme was designed for new and existing managers wishing to undertake a comprehensive programme of core skills development, to enable them to maximise their performance as leaders and managers and to get the best out of their teams.

Their programme comprised five e-learning modules:

All delegates spoke highly of the online management courses and of Xenonex. The programme’s structure enabled the learners to complete bitesize parts of the course at their own pace.

Delegates benefitted from access to interactive and engaging online materials and interactive reflective workbooks.

The workbooks, within each module, provide delegates with the opportunity to extend their learning outside of the module and take it into the real world. This bridges the online learning experience into a sustainable real-world business application. One delegate commented:

"It was great as an alternative to face-to-face training because you could break off and work at your own pace. The management programme was very interactive and engaging with various videos, quizzes and challenges. The workbooks in each module gave an opportunity for self-reflection and your own personal development. I was very impressed with all the modules and am now keen to up-skill even further.”


The online management programme is perfectly designed so that delegates can take their learning a step further and upgrade to either ILM 3 Award or Certificate in Leadership and Management, or undertake Xenonex’s further online courses.

Xenonex offers stimulating and interactive online courses covering a wide range of leadership and management topics, as well as courses to achieve formal ILM-accredited qualifications.

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