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Updated: Dec 18, 2023

“The Xenonex programme has surpassed all my expectations and I am thrilled with the results.”


We recently made a positive impact on the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman (PHSO) Executive and Senior Leaders by designing an innovative programme of authentic leadership, empowerment and effective delegation, with a specific focus on mindset, behaviours, ways of working and relationships.

A Xenonex team member holding a sign with The American School of Barcelona  logo on
“Xenonex supported our leadership team through a series of one-to-one Executive Coaching and tailored Group Coaching sessions aligned to the development of our culture. Working with Xenonex has been a positive experience and delegate feedback is excellent.”

Ben Cork, Senior Manager Learning and Organisation Development


PHSO asked us to scope and design a programme which provided transformational support to the Executive and Senior leadership teams. Xenonex took time to get to know the context and key challenges and then was instrumental in designing a programme to develop a leadership culture which would achieve the following:

  • A culture of empowerment and delegation

  • A focus on mindset, behaviours, ways of working and relationships

  • Building high performance through collaboration, adapting behaviours

  • Improving stakeholder engagement and devolved decision-making



Xenonex designed and delivered a bespoke leadership development programme for members of the Executive and Senior leadership teams.

The Leadership development programme included:

  • 1-1 Executive Coaching sessions with our highly experienced bank of Xenonex Executive coaches

  • Group coaching workshops which involved facilitated coaching via full group work, smaller groups, pair discussions & individual reflection

  • Engage mindset tool to help individuals explore confidence, openness, and impact, to understand what is driving behaviours and what may be holding them back


We are delighted that Xenonex was a key strategic partner to the PHSO Executive and Leadership Team. The improvements made throughout the teams so far during this programme have been fantastic.

“The programme really helped me to think more clearly about giving feedback to my team, which I put into practice both in ensuring I was tackling improvement areas with rigour and compassion and also bringing clarity to end-of-year reviews.”

“I have actively said to my teams that they are the experts. I trust them to lead and deliver. We have a contract. If you succeed it’s yours, if you don’t it’s my responsibility.”

“A continued journey of self-development and growth. I am learning how to carve out time to focus on myself.”

“Multiple roles = multiple opportunities. Lots of development for me and our team. Applying more radical candor. The team moved forward and delivered key results.”

If you would like to discuss Xenonex becoming a key strategic partner with your organisation, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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