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If you are an organisation looking to create a successful leadership team or embed a coaching culture, or if you are a coach yourself and looking to maximise your potential, Xenonex has a solution for you underpinned by our 5 core values.


We are motivated by delivering brilliant results. We ensure that all our efforts are focussed on what success looks like for clients and then aim to go above and beyond to exceed these expectations.


We know there is always more that can be done to drive performance further. We inspire and motivate clients along the way to be the best versions of themselves, so that together we can achieve the outcomes our clients deserve. 


Organisations are complex, we take time to understand the context, environment, and challenges that our clients face. We also factor in that behind every role is a person (with their own values, strengths, motivations, and beliefs). With this information, we create a SMART delivery plan with key measures along the way, so that we can track and monitor the progress made. The plan is designed to be shared with others in the organisation so there is collective buy-in and a shared understanding of the client’s objectives.

Coach holding exhibits of results.
Xenonex team member focussed through some glasses.


We believe in the power of clear communication. We don’t like jargon or waffle. It gets in the way of a really great conversation. This is where we start.


We take time to understand. We then playback what we have heard to ensure that we are on the same page. We check our understanding. We ask questions. We listen.


We have purposely moved away from an overly academic approach to one that is experiential, engaging and focussed on practical skills development. We strive to have meaningful conversations with our clients. We draw on theories, models and approaches but don’t overwhelm clients with science. Complex issues made simple.


Our resources and materials are attractive, well-presented, and engaging. Our client reporting is concise and informative. We communicate regularly in order to keep things on track, provide regular updates and keep focussed on the next steps. In our approach, clarity is key.


We believe in working with the utmost integrity.


Consistently delivering on promises, being open and honest about all aspects of our work, celebrating success, and constantly reflecting on what we can do better. We do the right thing even when it’s hard and may involve a tough conversation.


Many of our programmes are ILM accredited and ILM recognised. We have been an approved and experienced ILM centre since 2008 and are also a strategic partner of City & Guilds. Due to our outstanding feedback and external quality audits, we have also achieved Direct Claims Status. 


Our integrity is reflected in the exceptional testimonials and feedback we receive from our clients (at October 2022, our average score over the year, for all aspects of our products and services, was 9.6 out of 10).  Our work has also been recognised in a number of business awards.

Xenonex team member holding five stars above her head
Two Xenonex team members leaning back, holding hands, supporting each other


Xenonex’s style is one of approachable authority. We are focussed on commercial reality, whilst being inspirational and people orientated.


Both internally and through our work with our clients, we believe in the perfect balance of challenge and support by stretching ourselves and others at all levels, to encourage personal growth, whilst providing adequate support when necessary. We believe that tough love is essential for improvement. We do not shy away from difficult conversations  and encourage celebration when goals are achieved. 


Reflection also plays a key part in performance and behavioural improvement. We coach you; you coach your team; your team reflect back to you; you to us; and together we raise awareness and deliver results!


We welcome all of our services and processes to be challenged through feedback in order to continuously improve. We are prepared to learn new techniques and technologies and constantly strive to be better. We adopt a growth mindset: nobody is the finished article!


Whether it is working with our clients or as a colleague in the Xenonex team, we believe in 'togetherness'. 

We work in partnership with our clients to mutually develop the best ways to help enhance their workforce through understanding, empathy, collaboration, and fun! 


We draw on the strengths, perspectives, and talents of individuals to achieve a common goal and believe in working in an environment of trust and psychological safety where there is kindness, thoughtfulness, and respect for others.


As well as this, we also believe in providing support to the wider coaching community. This is why we established the Internal Coach Network (ICN) and run events aimed at external coaches. These events and resources support innovation, best practices, and connections for all coaches.  

Xenonex team member and coach participating in the tango dance
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