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Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Over the last couple of years, Xenonex has had the privilege to win or be nominated for a number of awards.

A list of Xenonex awards and nominations


Over the last couple of years, Xenonex has had the privilege to win or be nominated for a number of awards. Our goal is to deliver and build brilliant coaching cultures and we are proud to be recognised for what we have managed to achieve, and how we have impacted business across the UK.

This is our awards journey…


Xenonex won its first award back in early 2021 when we were listed in Digital Enterprise’s Top 100. Through 2020 and 2021 Xenonex had a major transformation. Digital technology played a vital role in assisting businesses operating throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The Digital Enterprise Top 100 profiles and celebrates those companies that use digital technologies in the most innovative and transformational ways.

At Xenonex, we pivoted all of our delivery onto our own bespoke online platform. As a result, Xenonex can now deliver the very best in interactive ONLINE and LIVE ONLINE delivery direct to clients, in an engaging and modern way. The feedback we received from our clients was fantastic. We were grateful to be recognised as an innovative and transformational company, and we still iterate and innovate how we deliver our learning today.


We won the award for ‘Leadership Training Service of the Year’ as part of the CorporateWireLive Yorkshire Prestige Awards. These awards recognise businesses that have been extremely successful and hard working on a local level.

Xenonex was judged on its products and services excellence, marketing and branding, service excellence, employee satisfaction, and ethical practice. This award acknowledges and celebrates the innovation and resilience the team at Xenonex has shown. From adapting our face-to-face services for an online audience and developing our online user portal, to the development of an effective lead generation process and the introduction of stringent quality measures.


Xenonex’s third award in 2021 was for ‘Best Online Executive Coaching Specialists 2021’ from SME News’ Northern Enterprise Awards. We were proud to be recognised for the exemplary executive coaching services we provide, helping leaders achieve the most from themselves and their businesses. The nominees for this prestigious award are judged on a number of factors such as business performance, customer feedback, online reputation, longevity, business growth, and innovation.

The Northern Enterprise Awards’ dedicated team of researchers use a merit-led selection process to narrow down the very best businesses with a diligent approach, truly searching for the very best online executive coaching specialists.

Xenonex’s executive coaching skillset, dedication towards outstanding service, and efforts in creating premium content that creates impactful change within people and organisations is exemplified through this award.


We were delighted to be shortlisted for ‘Harrogate Advertiser Business Excellence Awards 2022’ for BEST INDEPENDENT BUSINESS and APPRENTICE OF THE YEAR. As finalists in these awards we got to stand tall aside some of the best businesses from the region.

The APPRENTICE OF THE YEAR award is given in recognition of the apprentice that has made the greatest impact on their organisation, whether this is through improving products and services, improving the effectiveness of their team or even the organisation as a whole.

Our entry focused on digital marketing apprentice, Luke Hickling who has made a valuable contribution to the company through his integral work for our website, email, and social media accounts.

The aim of the BEST INDEPENDENT BUSINESS award is to identify those independent local small-to-medium enterprises in Harrogate that excel, with exceptional standards and services. Over the last year or so, we have expanded our team, introduced the Internal Coach Network and ‘Embedding a Coaching Culture’ Health Check and delivered more coaching and leadership development than ever before. In doing all of this we have received excellent feedback and testimonials from our clients.


Our most recent award was the CorporateLiveWire Innovation & Excellence Award for ‘Management Training Specialist of the Year – UK’, for demonstrating exceptional business performance through an innovative approach. We try to remain at the forefront of technological development, as in this modern world we have to find smart solutions to deliver our courses and coaching. We also try to remain at the forefront of psychological development, engaging in new skills and fresh approaches to find the best way to work with our developing coaches and coachees. We were recognised by Corporate LiveWire for our skills and our contribution to how businesses develop their relationships and manage individuals across the north of England.

We appreciate the recognition of our hard work, as we promote the benefits of coaching and create environments where people are treated with the greatest respect.


We are thrilled to announce that Xenonex has been successful in reaching the finals of the SME National Business Awards 2022 for the ‘My Mustard Best Enterprising Business’ and ‘Positive Impact Awards’. Being recognised as a finalist in these National Awards reflects the success of Xenonex over the past year. We are excited to head to Wembley Stadium in December for the awards ceremony where we will once more be celebrating the success that Xenonex has found over the last two years.

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