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Updated: May 30, 2023


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When: 30 June 2023 (9AM - 1PM)

Where: Live online (Zoom)

Here is the timetable for the event and an overview of each session and a short biography of the speakers can be found below.




9.00am - 9.10am

Welcome and Overview

Suzanna Prout, XECN Founder and Managing Director of Xenonex

9.10am - 10.10am

Systemic Coaching - Exploring the Five Disciplines of an Effective Team

Karen Bharaj, Executive Coach

​10.10am - 11.00am

Becoming Your Best-Self

Steve Neary, Executive Coach

11.15am - 12.00pm

Identifying Purpose with Ikigal

Jo Clare, Executive Coach

12.00pm - 12.45pm

Group Supervision

Suzanna Prout, XECN Founder and Managing Director of Xenonex

12.45pm - 1.00pm

​Summary and Close

Suzanna Prout, XECN Founder and Managing Director of Xenonex

9.10am - 10.10am: Systemic Coaching - Exploring the Five Disciplines of an Effective Team, Karen Bharaj

This session will help you to understand and consider in relation to your own practice:

  • What a systemic team coaching approach is

  • The five disciplines of effective teams

  • How to apply a systemic team coaching approach with a team you know

Karen Bharaj is an Executive Coach, Systemic Team Coach, Group Work Practitioner and Facilitator. She is an ILM Tutor. She has significant experience in strategic leadership roles and has coached senior individuals and teams in both the public and private sectors.


10.10am - 11.00am: Becoming Your Best-Self, Steve Neary

Coaching can be complex. As coaches, we face a plethora of presenting issues with our clients around a whole range of issues, many of which as humans we are susceptible to ourselves. There are at least as many coaching strategies and techniques out there for us to use to help our clients, but sometimes keeping things simple can lead to results that are just as if not more effective.

In this session, Steve will provide an overview of Eric Partaker’s book “The 3 Alarms”, a simple system to help clients unlock their best selves across health, work, and relationships.

Steve Neary is an executive and leadership coach, facilitator, and consultant with a background in talent management, learning & development, and change. He has several years of experience coaching and consulting at a senior level within the private and public sectors, both as an in-house practitioner and as an independent consultant.


11.15am - 12.00pm: Identifying Purpose with Ikigal, Jo Clare

Purpose, a key element of intrinsic motivation, appears to be even more of a priority as the world recovers from the pandemic and people re-evaluate their lives, work and what is important to them. As a result, we may be talking about purpose regularly with our clients and helping them to discover theirs, but how often do we take time out to consider our own sense of purpose and what is important to us?

The Ikigai model is a great way to help us to think holistically about what is important, and we are looking forward to taking some time in our session to work through the model to discover, reflect upon or re-evaluate our own ‘reason for being’, and how we can successfully move closer to our sense of purpose.

Jo Clare is an experienced executive coach and OD/leadership development consultant and has coached throughout her 20+ year career. She has coached at executive, director, senior leader, management and team levels in a variety of sectors including travel and aviation, engineering, automotive, higher/further education, global marketing and events and NHS.


12.00pm - 12.45pm: Group Supervision, Suzanna Prout

In this session, you will have the opportunity to participate in small group supervision sessions with other delegates in the network - Please come prepared to share a supervision issue on the day.

Suzanna Prout is the Manager Director of Xenonex, founder of XECN, and an Executive Coach. She has coached extensively at board and senior executive levels in both the public and private sectors, for over twenty years and oversees the Xenonex coaching team.


This XECN event is free for external coaches. You can register for the event here.

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