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Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Internal coaches play an increasingly valuable role in many organisations.

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Internal coaches play an increasingly valuable role in many organisations. As founders of our internal coach community, we are here to support and develop internal coaches, helping them stay at their best so they can build and sustain brilliant coaching cultures.

Thanks to the generosity of our Steering Group (Barclays, Leeds Beckett University, Coop, NIHR, Skipton Building Society, Sky Betting & Gaming & Yorkshire Building Society) and our wider internal coach community. Following our extensive discussions, we’ve been able to create a really special network that continues to grow to support internal coaches when they need to collaborate and share knowledge in the most relevant and practical ways.

We’ve listened to what internal coaches really value and used our experience of working as coaches to create something new:

  • A new Coach Essentials membership package that has been specially designed by internal coaches for internal coaches

  • A repositioned network. The Northern Coaching Network (NCN) is now becoming the Internal Coaching Network (ICN). We will always have our roots in the North and support Northern organisations but we want to have a name that reflects that our events and opportunities are open to internal coaches wherever they are. All our events are designed to provide flexibility to members offering excellent quality, value for money and are accessible online.

We hope you’ll stay involved in our brilliant community, we think it’s going to be something different and continues to help our members and community flourish.

Catherine & Suzanna, Co- Founders of ICN

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