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Qualified coach at ILM Level 7 (Executive Coaching and Mentoring)

Associate member of the CIPD and the EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council)

First Class (Hons) degree in Business Management (Aston Business School)

Post Graduate Diploma in Management Studies (Templeton College, Oxford)

Myers Briggs Type Indicator (personality type and preferences)

ODIN (key strengths and work preferences)

Strengthscope (strengths-based leadership)

I am an executive coach and leadership development consultant who works with middle to senior leaders in all sectors to achieve their potential.

I spent over 15 years in a variety of marketing and commercial leadership roles in a number of well-known organisations including Asda, Mamas & Papas, Arla Foods and Morrisons. My passion for people development inspired me to make a career change into learning and development within organisations before moving into consultancy.

My experience in leading teams and working with other leaders both nationally and globally has allowed me to understand the challenges faced by leaders today. In a fast-changing external environment combined with internal challenges, I quickly identify the issues that leaders are experiencing. Through my coaching, I am able to help leaders find ways to navigate through their personal challenges to develop useful insights and long-term solutions.

I specialise in helping leaders to be confident in who they are by developing their self-awareness and understanding their strengths. I also help them to develop their relationships with others, improving their ability to communicate effectively and influence others.

I believe that long-term change takes place at a deeper emotional level, and I work with clients on their behavioural patterns, beliefs, drivers and needs, to help them to develop new ways of being successful.

Hello, I'm Kate...

Kate Smith is an executive coach and leadership consultant based in West Yorkshire who works with middle to senior leaders in a range of sectors including financial services, private, public, retail and third. She also has 15 years of experience working in a variety of marketing and commercial leadership roles.


I have coached leaders at the senior and executive levels in both private and non-profit organisations. I have worked with clients in retail, manufacturing, technology and financial services. Within the non-profit sector, I have worked with organisations which support the homeless and those with learning disabilities as well as further education colleges.


“Kate has a good balance between supporting and challenging… Kate is very perceptive, and is very good at allowing me to freely express myself without interruption, but bringing me back round to
an earlier point.”


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