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ILM 7 in Executive Coaching and Mentoring

CIPD Organisational Development

Leadership Development

Team Development


Training Design

I am an experienced Executive Coach, People Consultant, Facilitator and Trainer, driven by my belief in the capacity of every individual and organisation to change and grow.

I worked in strategic leadership roles in the public and private sectors overseeing strategy, organisational and staff development before becoming a qualified Executive Coach in 2016. As a leader, I was known for my collaborative approach and working with teams to develop clear strategies and ways of working that played to our individual and collective strengths.

Now, I work with individuals, groups, and teams to enable them to thrive individually and together. I have had the privilege to work across the public and private sectors and recent assignments have included projects with the NHS, NatWest, and Manchester College. I am a strategist at heart, and especially enjoy working with large, complex organisations to support managers and leaders understand their roles and untangle complex interpersonal and organisational issues.

I am a qualified Systemic Coach and Groupwork Practitioner, interested in psychodynamic processes and helping people work together more effectively. I also deliver ILM 3 and 5 programmes in Coaching and Mentoring and Management and Leadership. It is always such a joy to see individuals develop their confidence and skills and see real change through the programmes.

Hello, I'm Karen...

Karen Bharaj is an Executive Coach, Systemic Team Coach, Group Work Practitioner and Facilitator. She is an ILM Tutor. She has significant experience in strategic leadership roles and has coached senior individuals and teams in both the public and private sector.


NHS, EY, Hallmark Cards, Ecrebo, Titus Learning, Border to Coast, 1st Locate, LiveTime Learning, LEP Growth Service, Greyfriars Financial Advisors


“Karen is equipped with an intuition comparable only with a superpower found in a Marvel comic. Karen helped me to figure out my challenges and set in motion a clear path to free myself of the shackles that were preventing me from being who I was capable of being. Karen was a very welcome ray of sunshine and I will forever be in her debt. Highly recommended, everybody should have a Karen in their life.”


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