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ILM 7 Executive Coaching and Mentoring

Masters Executive Coaching & Leadership UWE

CIPD Chartered Fellow & Level 7 Diploma in Human Resource Management

Hogan practitioner

Myers Briggs Step I & II, Insights and TMSDI certified

Mental Health First-aider

NLP Practitioner, Timeline Therapy & Hypnosis

I am a challenging, and authentic coach. An authority on executive and leadership development, cultural change, talent, engagement, and inclusion and diversity. I am also an inclusion and mental health advocate, campaigner, and inclusive & parent/guardian mentor.

My innate execution & implementation wiring compliments my strategic vision. Insightful and creative with proven success enhancing capability at all levels. I enjoy maximising talent, influencing culture: helping to build diverse, high performing teams and authentic leaders.

My work as an executive coach enables people to achieve more than they imagined, understand themselves deeply – to continually learn and thrive. To create space for them to think and imagine. My direct and pragmatic style empowers clients to enhance their skills and build confidence.
My work with clients includes but is not exclusive of; communicating with impact, step up/ promotion, career planning, performance improvement, strengths capitalisation, imposter syndrome, gravitas, presence, regulatory interview preparation (FCA, PRA), resilience, wellbeing, organisation, and work life balance.

I have coached many leaders from numerous professional backgrounds, CEO’s, board members, senior leaders in Financial Services, Healthcare, not for profit, charities, Banking, communications, construction, and high stakes e.g., stock market roles.

Leading Human Resources within Financial Services (Lloyds, Halifax, TD Bank and Bupa Insurance) and Healthcare (Bupa) over the last 25 years most recently as Director of Talent & Learning & running my business across people disciplines, I have an extensive kitbag of experiences, successes, and lessons learned/ hard knocks to bring to my coaching and consultancy.

Hello, I'm Jude...

Jude Chartres-Lock is a challenging and authentic executive coach and an authority on executive and leadership development, cultural change, talent, engagement, inclusion, and diversity. She has coached many leaders from numerous professional backgrounds, CEOs, board members, and senior leaders in financial services, healthcare, not-for-profit, charities, banking, communications, construction, and high-stakes roles.


Carney Consultancy, NHS, Lloyds, Pets at Home, Bupa, Post Office, London Stock Exchange Group.


Jude led a 2-day leadership session with our Exec team and was fantastic. Her prep work and pre-session calls with us ensured she really understood our business and by the end, she felt like one of us.
Great energy, read the room and individuals well and ensured we had fun. But most importantly to me, we left the two days she led with an action plan, goals and a much stronger bond, Thanks Jude


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