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Advantara® Global Executive Coaching Advanced Diploma

LCH Coaching Diploma (ECI accredited)

MAC (Member of the Association for Coaching)

Go-Giver Certified Speaker

Certified TetraMap® Facilitator

I specialise in coaching neurodivergent leaders, and those with whom they work.

Consolidating over 30 years of experience in leadership and professional coaching roles across a range of sectors including corporate, retail, recruitment, HR, and L&D, I specialise in inspiring neurodivergent leaders to optimise their specialist neurodistinct strengths and to lead and work at their best.

I deliver this online through one-to-one coaching for neurodivergent leaders and executives, and dual coaching to facilitate effective teamwork between neurodivergent and neurotypical colleagues.

My motivation to support neurominorities stems from personal and family experience of living with the challenges and opportunities atypical brain wiring presents. This affords the added advantage of being able to build sufficient trust for clients to accept and own their particular traits and understand how they uniquely add value.

In this way leaders are freed to co-create working environments and partnerships that deliver sustainable improvements, both for themselves and their colleagues.

I also speak at conferences and events on neurodiversity at work and inclusion.

Hello, I'm Clare...

Clare McNamara is an executive coach specialising in working with neurodivergent leaders with over 30 years of leadership experience in a wide range of sectors under her belt. With lived experience of optimising her own neurodivergent wiring, Clare is well placed to build trust with clients also looking to better understand how they uniquely add value in a largely neurotypical world.


Parliamentary & Health Service Ombudsman; Warwick Business School; Newton Europe; Port of London Authority; University of Portsmouth; University of Westminster; Engage People Development Ltd.


“Clare helps you reframe - to see a negative as a positive; a challenge as an opportunity. She helped me to examine, clarify, and own the value I bring to the table and in turn progress my career with more confidence.”

Technical Director

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