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ILM 7 Executive Coaching and Mentoring

ILM 5 Advanced Facilitation (Advanced Communication)

Diploma Neuro-linguistic Programming

Relational Organisational Practitioner

Foundation Non-violent communication (Compassionate Communication)

Building Restorative Systems

Post Graduate Certificate Health & Practice Teacher

Specialist Practitioner Community Nursing

Bachelor Nursing (Hons)

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I am an executive and leadership coach, consultant and facilitator specialising in increasing self-awareness, improving communication and effective working relationships.

My approach is underpinned by compassionate communication, a range of awareness practices, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Gestalt Psychology. As a Relational Organisational Practitioner, I work creatively to enable compassionate and person-centred workplace cultures.

I love connecting with people at a relational and emotional level. I enjoy leaning into the great beauty and joy of being alongside others in this life journey which is ever unfolding and evolving, often in ways we might not have imagined. I am increasingly drawn to working with complexity and uncertainty. I am fascinated by and always learning about how we can best communicate and relate to ourselves and each other.
I work with the NHS and several national healthcare organisations, scoping, designing, and facilitating transformational leadership and development programmes. I have a particular interest in staff well-being, reflective practice, and supervision. I also mentor Schwartz Round Facilitators with the Point of Care Foundation.

I had a 24-year career in nursing, education and leadership within the NHS and voluntary sector, working in organisations across acute, community and hospice care and most recently as a senior leader for innovation, improvement, and professional development for a large NHS acute trust.

Hello, I'm Amy...

Amy Dunmall is an executive and leadership coach, consultant and facilitator specialising in increasing self-awareness, improving communication, and effective working relationships. She works with healthcare leaders and organisations navigating the challenges faced in today’s increasingly complex and uncertain world.


NHS England, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals Foundation NHS Trust, West Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership Staff Mental Health and Wellbeing Hub, Leeds Integrated Care Board, Point of Care Foundation, Florence Nightingale Foundation, Foundation of Nursing Studies, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.


“Amy created a safe space for me to be truly challenged. She supported me on a journey of self-discovery and self-improvement. The changes I have made have been fundamental, I wished I had done this years ago!”


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