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Sue Marsh is an experienced Executive Coach who works with high-performing leaders to maximise their personal and professional impact. She is deeply values-based, with over 30 years’ career insights from clinical, operational, commissioning and strategic roles in the NHS and Local Authority. Sue has coached across all sectors, from small scale to global organisations.





European Mentoring and Coaching Council Global accreditation at Practitioner level

Engage Accredited Coach Advanced Level

ILM level 7 qualification in Executive and Senior Level Coaching and Mentoring

Systems Leadership, National Leadership for Change Programme

NHS West Midlands Aspiring Directors Programme

Diploma in Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Kings Fund West Midlands Clinicians Leadership Programme


Individuals and teams across Provider NHS Trusts and Integrated Commissioning Board, as well as supporting programmes run by the NHS Leadership Academy and by NHSE. Former coaching clients hold senior leadership and executive roles in Health and Care, Local Authority, Education, Marketing, Health Research, Intergovernmental Organisation, Transport, Finance and Legal services.


"Sue is exceptional in a number of ways. I was very gently and compassionately encouraged, prodded and challenged to do some deep thinking and work, and I have now embarked on a life-changing course of actions which would have taken a lot longer (if ever) to achieve without Sue’s help.

Sue listens deeply, reflects back and summarises with care and finds just the right question at the right time, all the time checking that the coaching is moving in the right direction.
I can’t recommend Sue highly enough, and have a deep gratitude for her help."

Senior Manager, English NHS Ambulance Sector

Hello, I'm Sue...

The outcome you want to achieve and the impact you want to have is the focus of our coaching. I work with leaders to expand their awareness and tap into their resourcefulness.
I am skilled at eliciting really deep thinking so that coaching clients can hone in on what success means for them and commit to specific actions to get there.

I was in a corporate role in the NHS until 2021 and bring over 30 years’ career insights from clinical, operational, commissioning and strategic roles, including Director of multiple local and regional services. I champion equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging, and believe in taking action to drive positive change. Trained in systems leadership, I have led senior level partnership working and transformation integrating public, private, community and voluntary sector services. All this means I understand complex contexts and their demands and how to navigate these with authenticity, integrity and respect.

I pose probing and challenging coaching questions you may not have asked yourself or held up to the light. A key dimension to explore is how to listen to diverse ideas, opinions and lived experience in order to refine your own thoughts and actions. You benefit from a safe, protected space to deepen your self-understanding, get to the core of the situation and effect lasting change. You are then equipped to hold yourself accountable, evaluate your impact, and continue your personal and professional growth.

I can meet coaching clients in person by mutual agreement; most sessions are virtual, including with my international clients. In addition to my coaching and coach practice tutor work, I currently chair c-suite and senior level professional networking groups across NA and EMEA.

Proud to be of mixed British and Caribbean heritage, I relish living in super-diverse Birmingham. I am an insatiable reader, irrepressible dancer, and love nothing more than meaningful connection with others.

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