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Mark Manley is a leadership and team coach with over 20 years experience, working in and with senior leaders and teams in both large and small organisations. Mark is a Member of the Association for Coaching and is qualified to use the Hogan Assessment Suite, MBTI, DiSC and SDI tools.





BPS Level A and B qualified

Accredited to use Hogan Assessment Suite - HPI, HDS & MVPI

Accredited to use MBTI, DiSC, OPQ and SDI tools.

Trained to an advanced level as an individual and team coach within Glaxo SmithKline

Diploma in Coaching Psychology with the Metanoia Institute

Member of the Association for Coaching

20+ years coaching experience as both an internal and external coach


Marlowe Group, Uptake Strategies, Novo Nordisk, British Standards Institute, Iron Mountain, Reed Smith, Ruffer, SBAI, Too Good To Go, St Ermins


“Mark is the embodiment of goodness. He is trustworthy, calm and he has a good spirit. He is a very professional coach. He can read the situation and he can make people around him feel good. I have had the pleasure to work with Mark in leadership development projects. He is warm and insightful and he sees the good in people. I can warmly recommend Mark to coaching related projects.”


Hello, I'm Mark...

As a coach, my approach is focussed on enabling clients to seek out opportunities to gain more control in their lives – both personally and professionally, to facilitate greater possibilities, choices, and options. My focus is on working with the client to identify critical moments that will provide the turning point in realising their development goals and transforming their performance.

My experience of working in and for successful organisations has led me to have a strong commitment to the development of leaders who speak and act with clarity and authenticity.
I have worked for more than 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry, most recently as an Organisational & People Development Manager with GlaxoSmithKline. I have worked with a wide range of internal clients such as marketing, finance, IT, sales, and senior leadership teams, diagnosing, designing, and delivering learning interventions for heads of and director-level staff.

I have a real breadth of experience and have held line roles in a wide range of functions including IT (establishing and leading a global IT support team) and HR Training and Development (UK Training Manager), covering Manufacturing, Research & Development and Sales & Marketing organisations.

I have also spent 4 years as a full-time performance coach, working with sales and marketing leaders.

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