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An overview of the live online events available to ICN members for 2023 can be found below. 

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It’s essential to keep learning about new and evolving coaching tools that are relevant. ICN’s ‘Tool Up‘ sessions are designed to help you keep your sword sharp and stay up to date with developments in the profession. Each session has three key parts: 

1.     Input – learning about the tool from an expert

2.     Practice – using the tool and experiencing it

3.     Reflection – time for you to ask questions of the experts and group and think about how you use the tool in the


All very practical and relevant, giving you a tool to take away and use day to day as a coach.


We are committed to collaborating across our membership organisations that are working to solve similar challenges. Our working parties bring coaches together who are working towards common goals. In these working parties, ICN draws upon their expertise to co-design coaching solutions that benefit many rather than a few. 

Topics for these working parties are identified by members throughout the year. If you would like to explore the option of identifying a topic and then finding other organisations who may like to work with you, please contact us.


One of the most valuable ways of developing as a coach is by exploring the ethical and practical dilemmas or questions you have about your practice. Our group supervision sessions provide regular times when other ICN members can get together to learn and share knowledge in a confidential group environment.  

These three-hour sessions are facilitated by a team of experienced and accredited ICN coach supervisors.


They say, ‘practice makes perfect’. ‘Coach Practice’ is one of the most valuable development activities you can have as a coach.  

Hosted by our experienced ICN coaches, these sessions give you a valuable opportunity to practise your core skills as a coach with other internal coaches from ICN. 

At these sessions, you will have the opportunity to be a coach, coachee and observer. Come ready to learn from each of these three different perspectives and get live feedback to develop your essential skills as a coach.


ICN is a membership network that values collaboration and sharing knowledge and best practice. These open community sessions are hosted by the co-founders of ICN and run throughout the year to provide an open community forum to anyone who is interested in attending.   

Expect to be inspired by guest speakers bringing their insights on relevant coaching topics. Be ready for open debate and questions and sharing experiences. 

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