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Managing Performance

Maximise the performance of your teams through effective performance management techniques and approaches.

Managing Performance

“This course has given me the tools to really hold difficult conversations with underperfoming team members. Also it has helped to understand that not been set clear goals could be the reason for this. Excellent course.”

Charlotte Earless, Product Manager, Superbreak

What will you learn?

An understanding of what is meant by performance management and its value and purpose in your role as a leader and manager.

Knowledge of the performance management cycle and how to create SMART objectives.

Recognition of the importance of giving feedback and how to ensure your feedback is effective in improving performance.

Ways to manage both underperformers and high achievers at work.

An ability to reflect on your own organisation, your own practice and the performance of your team.

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About Xenonex Academy

Engaging and interactive 'on demand' learning designed to transform your performance at work.

Who is the course for?

This course is perfect for anyone who is involved in the management of other people’s performance. It is equally suitable for first time managers into the role, as well as existing managers, team who are looking for a real understanding about getting the most out of your people. This course will provide you will lots of knowledge, tips, tricks and ways to successfully enhance the performance of others, as well as yourself.

What's included?

High quality learning materials written by subject matter experts

Accompanying Xenonex Academy interactive workbook incorporating key opportunities to apply your learning

Engaging and interactive materials incorporating video, sound, games and quizzes

Bite sized modules designed to tackle one at at time and return to as many times as you wish

Leadership Showcase and Personal Action Plan to complete and discuss your progress with your Line Manager

Xenonex Academy Certificate upon completion

Access your course anywhere and on desktop or tablet

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