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Leadership Development

Our Triple A (AAA) Leadership Development programmes are all designed according to your exact requirements – we don’t do ‘off the shelf’

We advocate the use of a dual approach – engaging and experientially focussed workshops combined with 1-1 Executive Coaching to provide valuable feedback, elimate blindspots and stretch performance and personal impact.

We are also able to offer a full range of supporting psychometrics and 360 degree tools designed to raise awareness, inform learning and bring about behavioural change where required.


  • Aware

    The ‘AWARE’ phase focuses on establishing the programme agenda through developing team and self awareness using a personalised suite of comprehensive psychometrics,  360 degree appraisals or rigorous interviews with our Business Psychologists.

    Knowing your ‘blind spots’ as leaders, understanding how you come across and improving your levels of emotional intelligence are all covered in both personalised coaching sessions and group workshops

  • Aspire

    The ‘ASPIRE’ phase identifies specific learning and development goals for you and your team based on the specific outcomes from the ‘AWARE’ phase.

    In our highly experiential and engaging workshops you will re-visit your vision, mission, values, core behaviours and preferred ways of working in order to shape and define the culture within which you wish to work.

    The ‘ASPIRE’ phase also includes specific ‘themed’ workshops, action learning and personal development activities as well as upskilling all leaders and managers in essential leadership skills. Typical themes may include:

    • Knowing me, Knowing you
    • The Resilient Leader
    • Developing High Performing Teams
    • Critical Conversations
    • Maximising Emotional Intelligence
    • Playing to your strengths
    • Creativity and Innovation
    • Leader as Coach
    • Transformational Leadership
    • Accountability and Responsibility
    • Impact, profile and presence
    • Influence, Assertiveness and Communication
    • Finance for non-finance managers
    • Defining culture and ways of working
    • Leading Change
    • Effective Project Management
    • Handling conflict in the workplace
    • Strategy Development and Implementation

    The ASPIRE phase is supported with a number of 1-1 Executive Coaching sessions spread over the duration of programme in order to apply and embed learning from the workshops and to update personal development plans.

  • Achieve

    The ‘ACHIEVE’ phase ensures LEARNING TRANSFER is delivered to the workplace through

    • Identifying progress against both individual and team goals established during the programme
    • Feedback on anonymised emerging themes on the team goals set at the beginning of the programme
    • 1-1 feedback carousel with each delegate on the programme
    • Optional ‘Out of the Box’ experience
    • Comprehensive individual, team and organisational review and formal evaluation