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Internal Coaching Strategy

So many organisations report having used External Coaches for the ‘top team’ yet little has been done in facilitating a coaching approach at levels below the Board or Senior Executive level.

Developing an organisational coaching strategy to develop and embed a coaching culture throughout an organisation is essential if a sustainable and cost effective solution to maximising performance at every level of the organisation is required.

The Xenonex team has first hand experience in having developed and embedded coaching cultures for our clients – it’s our USP. The Xenonex approach to embedding a coaching culture works at 5 main levels within an organisation:

  1. Development of an Organisational Coaching Strategy, policies and procedures. Includes the formation of the ‘Public Goals’  for coaching.  Strategy links to the People, Organisational Development , Talent and communication strategies
  2. Selection, recruitment and evaluation of the External Coaching pool in order to ensure consistency of approach, maximise effectiveness and measure Return on Investment (ROI)
  3. Recruitment, selection, development and ILM accreditation of an INTERNAL coaching faculty to coach identified groups at all levels within the organisation. Supervision provided by an External Coach. Facilitation of anonymised emerging themes fed back to the organisation by a LEAD INTERNAL COACH.
  4. Coach Skills Training for Leaders, Managers, Appraisers, and other key ‘people’ positions or stakeholders– develop coaching as part of a manager’s toolkit in order to develop and empower staff at work. Identify ‘coaching stars’
  5. Evaluation and Reporting – mechanisms to capture, measure and report on the impact of embedding coaching at all levels throughout the organisation