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Executive Coaching

At Xenonex we provide one to one Executive and Team Coaching programmes with CEO's, MD’s, Board members, Senior Leaders, Partners, Directors, Middle Managers and other key strategic roles within organisations.

Xenonex Executive Coaching programmes are a formal and contracted professional relationship between a Xenonex Coach and a Coachee (who may be an individual or a group) with the ultimate goal to maximise the Coachee's performance at work. This is achieved through a series of challenging yet supportive awareness -based conversations and integrated feedback mechanisms to enable the Coachee to identify their own solutions to maximising their leadership potential.


Our 1-1 Executive Coaching programmes typically comprise:

  • 2 or 3 way contracting between the Coach, Coachee and Project Sponsor (if appropriate)
  • Establishment of PUBLIC GOALS designed to meet the needs of the organisation
  • Establishment of PRIVATE GOALS designed to meet the needs of the individual . Private goals always remain confidential between the Coach and Coachee
  • Use of assessments, psychometrics and 360 feedback to inform learning or change if appropriate
  • 6 x 2 hour 1-1 coaching sessions with a Xenonex Executive Coach scheduled every 5/6 weeks
  • Telephone and email support in between sessions if required
  • Mid point review and formal evaluative feedback including return on investment reporting

Connection with your Coach is crucial – no connection – no progress! We work hard to ensure that your Xenonex Coach provides appropriate levels of professional challenge in a caring and supportive environment to ensure the maximum benefit is derived.