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Top tips to develop a true Coaching Culture – Xenonex explores…

I have just returned home from a day’s intensive coaching training session with some fantastic delegates who work for a local (but nationally renowned) publishing business. As we talked about how to develop a ‘true coaching culture across the organisation, it reminded me of a set of 10 simple tips outlined by Nick Thomas that those new to the ‘coaching game’ could adopt- the first five follow here…




1. Be prepared for the coaching sessions


Understand what the organisation wants to gain from the sessions and what the member of staff wants to gain. At strategic level, a coach may be asked to help a director to set goals and long term business objectives.


2. Decide - is it coaching or mentoring?


Coaches use questioning and listening techniques to bring out the full potential of the individual, whereas mentors act as advisors suggesting new paths for the individual to take. To mentor effectively, you must possess an in-depth appreciation and knowledge of the subject on which you are advising. 


3. Listen, listen, listen


One of the greatest skills a coach must possess is the ability to listen and not judge.  By utilising listening skills, more effective questions can be asked to home in on the situation at the core.

4. Demonstrate that coaching is a progression, not a penalty

Some staff may feel negatively towards coaching as they may have been placed with a coach due to performance issues.  They must quickly be made aware that a coach’s role is to allow the staff member to self-discover the core issues and arrive at an action plan to move past any barriers.


5. Use the right questions to move forward


The purpose of questioning is to allow options to be considered and a journey planned. Ask questions like: ‘What circumstances made you do that’ or ‘How did you make that choice’, instead of ‘Why did this happen’.

tune in next week for tips 6 to 10



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Suzanna Prout