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Benefits of Using a Xenonex Coach

The Xenonex team are busy coaches at the moment.  Our first ILM 7 in Executive Coaching and Mentoring programme of the year is well underway and we are busy recruiting and preparing for our second programme starting in June.  We are also coaching individuals and delivering in-house bespoke coaching programmes within a wide range of… Read More

Preparation Matters When Planning a Leadership Summit

Employees from private and public sector organisations have benefited from Xenonex’s leading edge Triple A (AAA) Executive, Leadership and Management Development. These programmes are all structured around 3 main principles; Aware, Aspire, Achieve, and aim to maximise and transform the way individual leaders and their organisations work.   We always find it interesting to see… Read More

Grow as a Leader by Experimenting with Different Leadership Styles

To grow as a leader you must dive into projects and activities, interact with different kinds of people, experiment with new ways of getting things done – and try out various leadership styles.   Authenticity has become the gold standard for leadership. But as INSEAD professor Herminia Ibarra argues, a simplistic understanding of what authenticity… Read More

Xenonex helps leaders get honest feedback

Getting useful feedback can be the fastest route to growth and improved performance. It’s not always an accurate reflection of who you are — it often isn’t. But it is always an accurate reflection of how you’re perceived. And knowing how you’re perceived is critically important if you want to increase your influence as a… Read More

Xenonex – developing great leaders to build great teams

It takes great leadership to build great teams. Team building requires a leader with a keen understanding of people, their strengths and what gets them excited to work with others.   Here are six ways successful teams are built to last according to US Author and motivational speaker Glenn Llopis. 1.       Be Aware of How… Read More

How Leaders Can Make It Right

If you’re in a position of leadership, it’s likely that at some point you will manage to upset or alienate your team.   So how do you get them back on side?   These edited tips from Michael Hyatt, a US author, consultant and speaker, might help.   Take responsibility. The health of our teams is critically… Read More

Xenonex’s New Year Resolutions to Improve Leadership

The Xenonex team wish you all a very Happy New Year. We’ve been sharing our personal new year’s resolutions here at Xenonex HQ, from committing to that weekly exercise class to cutting back on sugary foods, and also threw in a few challenges for ourselves too. So far we are doing ok!  We have also… Read More

Xenonex shares 10 Traits of Innovative Leaders

At Xenonex, we work across both the public and private sector, and with a diverse range of teams and individuals. However, Innovative Leadership is key to motivated successful teams working across all organisations and how individual leaders can work towards this is central to our programme delivery.   Many organisations would like their leaders to… Read More

Five Questions for Leaders Who Would Rather Be Effective Than Right

These simple questions that I came across recently sparked a great discussion amongst the Xenonex team. Many of us are currently delivering leadership programmes in organisations across the UK, meeting lots of new people and having some great conversations about good (effective?) leadership and management.   When asked to share the biggest leadership lesson they’ve… Read More

Let Xenonex Develop the Leaders You’ve Been Overlooking

The Xenonex team spend a lot of time working with some of the most senior employees within an organisation.  However, our experience has shown that when leadership is developed throughout an organisation then the outcomes for employees and employer can be significant.   I found this edited article by US leadership development consultants Jack Zenger… Read More

Xenonex – Coaching for Success

It’s been a busy few weeks lately with the Xenonex team delivering coaching programmes all over the UK.  In Bristol we are working with employees from a number of senior teams in order to start to embed a coaching culture within the organisation.    Whilst in Essex our leadership development programme develops staff to become… Read More

What a New Team Leader Should Do First

At Xenonex we work with many leaders who are new to an organisation or who are managing new teams through a period of great change.    I came across the article below online (adapted from ” What New Team Leaders Should Do First” by Carolyn O’Hara) and it sparked some great debate amongst the Xenonex… Read More

Xenonex looks at Leaders and ‘Attentional Intelligence’

I came across this article by Sonia McDonald on Attentional Intelligence and how it can help leaders build more effective teams within their organisations, something we at Xenonex do a lot of! I also recently saw Ruby Wax on stage at Harrogate Theatre discussing her approach to mindfulness – obviously a hot topic at the… Read More

Five Common Questions Leaders Should Never Ask

Questioning is undoubtedly a valuable leadership tool. Asking the right questions can help business leaders to anticipate changes, seize opportunities, and move their organisations in new directions. Questions can be great for engaging and motivating people, but they can just as easily be used to confront or blame, and can shift the mood from positive… Read More

Be a Better Manager by Coaching Your Employees

At Xenonex we provide executive coaching in order to maximise the potential of individuals and teams through raised self-awareness.  Coaching skills enable managers to build stronger bonds with their team members, support them in taking ownership over their own learning, and help them develop the skills they need to perform at their peak.   You… Read More

Executive Coaching – a Business Priority

The Xenonex team has been encouraged by the way in which coaching, mentoring and leadership has been embraced, developed and, more recently, embedded within the workplace.   The Ridler report (www.ridlerandco.com/ridler-report) analyses strategic trends in the use of executive coaching and the latest results show that coaching remains high on the business agenda.   Data… Read More

Top tips to develop a true Coaching Culture – Xenonex explores…

I have just returned home from a day’s intensive coaching training session with some fantastic delegates who work for a local (but nationally renowned) publishing business. As we talked about how to develop a ‘true coaching culture across the organisation, it reminded me of a set of 10 simple tips outlined by Nick Thomas that… Read More

Xenonex talks about the importance of Inspirational Leadership

At Xenonex, we work across both the Public and private sector, and with a diverse range of teams and individuals. However, the subject of Inspirational Leadership transcends across all organisations and remains at the very core of our programme delivery.  The best managers are always those who have the ability to lead their team by… Read More

Executive Coaching builds confidence

We believe that participation in executive leadership coaching builds confidence and so if your new year’s resolution is to assert yourself at work with confidence, then take a look at these top tips from Rosabeth Kanter. BUT remember the best resolutions will go nowhere without the confidence to stick with them! Confidence is an expectation… Read More

5 ways to be influential – Executive Coaching

Since influence is the key to effective leadership, this tool outlines 5 ways team members can exert more influence within an organisation: 1. Solid reputation : Establish a reputation as someone who is credible, respected, and trustworthy. 2. Enhanced skill set: Become known as someone who is competent and accomplished. Be the authority people turn… Read More