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Opportunities – Executive Coaching – Here’s one I made earlier!

We all know no one posts the best jobs. The really juicy positions usually get handed around like a treasured prize within social networks.
Maybe you'll see a notice on LinkedIn, or a posting on your alumni listserv — but probably not. The most exciting jobs have an infinite number of aspirants, so unless you've been personally recommended by someone close to the action, it's difficult to get noticed.
The truth is, because so many people limit themselves, there's often not a lot of competition at the top. If there's a senior executive at your firm you really admire, reach out and see if he'll agree to be shadowed for a day. Unless you're writing to the worldwide CEO, there's probably little demand and he'll be flattered. If there's an initiative you'd like to see at your company, offer to head it up. And if there's a skill set you'd like to cultivate, don't be afraid to make a lateral move if you know it will serve the long-term interests of your career.
We're entering an era where the rules of business are both opaque and fast-changing. There's not one single playbook you can follow and expect to succeed. The only alternative is to be nimble and create your own opportunities, and your own success.
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Suzanna Prout

(taken from a blog by Dorie Clark)