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How Xenonex can help Create an Open Culture Where People Are Open to Feedback

As professional coaches we are used to confronting tricky issues with individuals and teams and using our skills and experience to bring positive outcomes from difficult conversations. One of the benefits of coaching within an organisation is it supports a more open culture and as such brings benefits in terms of how people work within and across teams.


For those individuals or organisations that might be new to coaching our Coaching Skills Workshop (Thurs 14 Jan 2016) provides a great introduction to how workplace coaching can improve staff performance, morale and motivation. With this in mind I thought the following article, adapted from "Create a Culture Where Difficult Conversations Aren't So Hard" by IT CEO and author Jim Whitehurst.


The benefits of an open culture — where frank, candid discussions about problems are possible — are immense, but building an open culture is difficult. However, once you establish the practice of open feedback across the company, you’ll likely find that it builds momentum quickly. Leaders can set their organization on the path to having an open culture by modeling three behaviors:


Showing appreciation. Overcome the negative connotation of “feedback” by recognizing your employees’ good work too. Research suggests you should share positive feedback three times as often as negative feedback.


Opening up. We all tend to respond to feedback by protecting ourselves, but building an open culture requires leaders to really listen to what people say to them. Demonstrate how to receive feedback without taking it personally.


Getting the whole company involved. Silos create an “us vs. them” mindset. Get other departments involved in decision making early and often.


Xenonex's first “Introduction to Coaching Skills” Workshop on Thursday 14th January in Leeds will promote the benefits of workplace coaching and develop individuals coaching skills. It is aimed at those with people management responsibility who are looking to develop a coaching approach as part of their management toolkit.


This interactive workshop will introduce the core principles of workplace coaching, with a focus on developing coaching skills, tools and techniques.


Xenonex is an approved ILM (Institute of Learning and Management) Centre and is recognised for the quality and standard of its training in the National ILM Hall of Fame. The Xenonex team trains internal and external coaches and has experience of developing and embedding coaching within the public and private sector.


To book your place on the Workshop on Thursday 14th January 2016 (cost £250 + VAT) call Jo on 01423 876371/0113 322 9234 or email jo.watson@xenonex.co.uk.


Suzanna Prout