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Why Coaching and Mentoring makes better Business sense

Understanding the context of coaching and mentoring in a strategic business environment can ensure that individuals and the business they work for get the most out of an employee mentoring programme.


There are many ways in which good employee mentoring can help contribute to a successful business, here are a few that have come up in conversation in the Xenonex team recently.


– as the personal relationship develops between a mentor and a mentoree, the mentor typically feels a greater loyalty to the organisation. Mentor and mentoree will also both have a vested interest in the company's success.


Breaking down barriers
- mentoring can be a great way to work across a number of different departments which can increase the organisation’s success by breaking down barriers and increasing knowledge share, leading to greater workplace efficiency.


Sharing talent
- Talent within an organisation is often underused and mentoring is a great way of sharing knowledge, experience, and expertise.


Developing expertise
- As a tool for development, mentoring allows a mentoree to tap into the expertise of others. Mentoring allows your employees to easily identify who has what skills and expertise so they can learn from one another.


We are always interested to hear about the ways in which mentoring in the workplace has helped you and your business – please share your success stories with us.


If you are a senior manager, HR professional or professional coach looking to develop your expertise and credibility in the fields of coaching and mentoring then contact Xenonex for details of our ILM7 programme in Executive Coaching and Mentoring starting in Leeds in January 2015.


Xenonex also has extensive experience in developing and embedding coaching within organisations.

To find out more contact Jo Watson, Business Development Manager on 01423 876371 or email jo.watson@xenonex.co.uk


Suzanna Prout