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Xenonex – Mentoring Talent

Our work at Xenonex means we regularly see the great benefits of a coaching and mentoring culture within an organisation. Developing talented individuals through a mentoring programme within your workplace leads to success on many levels.


So, if you want to establish a mentoring culture within your organisation, where should you start?
Here are a just a few ideas – do you have others that should be included?

Set organisational goals.

Don’t establish a mentoring programme just because it is a good business practice. Develop a mentoring program based on solid business goals.


Find out why the talented employees you wanted to keep left you.

Talented employees want exciting challenges and great development opportunities. They often leave because they are bored. Mentoring is key to attracting and retaining talented employees.


Develop people to their fullest potential. In order to develop your people, provide training opportunities, challenging projects and assignments, feedback, coaching and mentoring.


There is a financial argument for investing in coaching and mentoring within the workplace. Losing talented employees and wasting talent costs companies money. Offering these people support within an organisation that has an embedded mentoring culture will help retain the best.


Please tell us about your experience of mentoring within your workplace.


Xenonex has extensive experience in developing and embedding coaching and mentoring within organisations.

To find out more contact Jo Watson, Business Development Manager on 01423 876371 or email jo.watson@xenonex.co.uk


Suzanna Prout