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Xenonex looks at how to be a less autocratic leader

These tips about changing your leadership style when your team is highly skilled landed in my in box this week. It got me thinking about all sorts of elements of coaching, many of which have come up over the past few weeks during delivery of our ILM programmes.

So I thought I'd share them with you. They are adapted from an original article “Learn to Become a Less Autocratic Manager,” by Jeffrey W. Hull.


Trying to lead a seasoned, highly skilled team through command-and-control won’t work. These groups need leaders who are emotionally and intellectually agile, and able to modulate styles as needed. To be less autocratic, try shifting:


From self-awareness to social awareness. It’s not enough to know your own strengths and weaknesses. You have to know how your behavior affects people. Ask: What is the impact of your management style on others? How do you know what others are feeling?


From directive to inquisitive. When you’re trying to foster creativity, you need to be less declarative and more curious. Ask: How much time do you spend listening rather than speaking? How do you leverage diverse perspectives?


From power over to power with. When you flaunt authority, people will often shut down or hide, and the team loses momentum. Ask: How do you stimulate the best thinking from your team? How often do team members make decisions?


Xenonex provides one to one Executive and Team Coaching with CEO's, MD's, Board members, Senior Leaders, Partners, Directors, Middle Managers and other key strategic roles within organisations. Our Coaching programmes typically comprise the establishment of PUBLIC GOALS designed to meet the needs of the organisation and PRIVATE GOALS designed to meet the needs of the individual.

We also offer a full suite of ILM programmes and as an approved ILM Centre have been recognised for the quality and standard of our training in the National ILM Hall of Fame. Our ILM programmes can be run as open or in-house programmes. We place great emphasis on underpinning theory with substantial levels of coach practice and 1-1 feedback, tutorials and supervision.

Xenonex also has extensive experience in developing and embedding coaching within organisations.

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Suzanna Prout