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Make Learning a Habit with Xenonex

A core part of the work the Xenonex team do is supporting individuals with their professional development.  No matter what role you perform, taking a proactive approach to learning – and encouraging those around you to do the same – enables us all to grow both on a personal and professional level.


This article adapted from “How to Make Learning More Automatic,” by Gretchen Rubin caught my eye, especially as we are currently working with a new cohort on our ILM 7 Executive Coaching and Mentoring programme and recruiting for the upcoming June course.

If you want to keep growing, you need to make learning a habit.


To get started, be specific about what you’re asking yourself to do. Resolutions like “read more” or “learn new things” are too vague. Your goals need to be concrete and measurable: “Spend two hours every Thursday afternoon reading all the articles I saved during the week.” Schedule the time on your calendar, and resist the temptation to do other work during that window. 


Monitor your behaviour closely to push yourself in the right direction. If you know that some of your coworkers make on-the-job learning a habit, go out of your way to spend time with them. Studies show that we tend to pick up habits from the people around us.

And the most important thing to remember? We must shape our habits to suit ourselves — our own nature, our own interests, our own strengths. When we understand ourselves, we can apply habit-forming strategies with the greatest chance of success.


Those looking to learn more and develop their skills in coaching and mentoring can now register for our ILM7 open programme in Executive Coaching and Mentoring starting in Leeds in June 2016. It is aimed at senior managers, HR professionals and professional coaches keen to enhance and accredit their experience.  It is also the ideal qualification for those looking to lead a coach practice or work as an executive coach.


The programme is designed to enable learners to critically review the role and contribution of coaching and mentoring at a senior level and helps you build a specific bank of tools and strategies designed for the corporate arena.

Xenonex is an approved ILM Centre and is recognised for the quality and standard of its training in the National ILM Hall of Fame. The Xenonex team trains internal and external coaches and has experience of developing and embedding coaching within the public and private sector.


For more information call 0113 322 9234 or email jo.watson@xenonex.co.uk.


Suzanna Prout