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Xenonex shares Leading and Managing essentials

It’s been a busy January for the Xenonex team working with clients up and down (and all across) the UK.  At this time of year it can be difficult for managers to keep up with the daily tasks necessary in their jobs and the focus can drift away from developing their skills as a leader.


I came across this edited piece from an original article by US authors, academics and managers Linda A. Hill and Kent Lineback.  It discusses issues we often encounter when coaching individuals and teams.  I hope you find it of interest.


Most new managers find that they rarely end a day having done what they planned to do. They spend most of their time solving unexpected problems and making sure work gets done. But there are three essential things (the Three Imperatives of Leading and Managing) that managers should be doing every day: building trust, building a team, and building a network.


These are not discrete tasks for your to-do list; you can accomplish them through the ways you assign, review, and guide your team’s work.



Build trust by asking questions, offering suggestions, and expressing concern for your employees.



Build a team by using problems and crises to remind people of the team’s purpose and values. Explain your decisions in terms of what’s important for the team.



Build a network by using routine activities to involve other leaders and to maintain relationships with people outside your group — and encouraging your team to do the same.


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Suzanna Prout