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Preparation Matters When Planning a Leadership Summit

Employees from private and public sector organisations have benefited from Xenonex’s leading edge Triple A (AAA) Executive, Leadership and Management Development. These programmes are all structured around 3 main principles; Aware, Aspire, Achieve, and aim to maximise and transform the way individual leaders and their organisations work.


We always find it interesting to see the variety of leadership styles and often encourage leaders within and across organisations to share their leadership experience and skills within their workplace.


Bringing leaders from across an organisation together can be a great way to stimulate new ideas, fuel collaboration and lead to innovative solutions and strategies.


Here Bob Frisch and Cary Greene highlight some key things to consider in order to create a coherent, focused Leadership Summit (adapted from their full article Leadership Summits That Work) that ensures all involved benefit.


Assign clear roles. You need a summit director to oversee the agenda, a coordinator to handle logistics, someone to guide the sessions, and facilitators to lead small-group discussions.


Define a clear set of objectives. Have an answer to: “What do we want the outcome to be from an attendee’s perspective?” and “What do we want them to say when others ask, ‘What happened?’”


Survey attendees to find out what’s most important. Ask: “What’s the one question you would like addressed at the upcoming conference?” and “If you could tell the CEO one thing that would improve the company’s prospects, what would it be?”


Engage participants before the summit. Give attendees reading material on the objectives a week before it starts.


Here at Xenonex HQ we’ve been busy discussing these and coming up with our own ideas of what makes leadership conferences most productive.  Please feel free to share any of your own experiences of what makes these events successful.


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Suzanna Prout