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Have you stepped out of your comfort zone recently?


As an Executive Coach, Trainer and Presenter I am used to addressing large groups of people, as it is part of my everyday role, but this was something else!  Agreeing to dance with a group of wonderful women all dressed in Serbian costume in front of 400 people at Bingley Arts Centre on the 29thSeptember  was definitely a million miles away from my usual role, but it was exhilarating and wonderful to connect back to my childhood memories and family roots and even better it raised over £5000 for a local charity.

Have you stepped out of your comfort zone recently?

Our comfort zone is our safe place, which is needed sometimes.  Comfort brings with it a feeling of calm and familiarity, which we can all get used to and find easy, but it can also prevent us from being curious and trying new things.  Indeed, a comfort zone is a great place to be, but nothing ever grows there.

It’s not that we don’t always want to step out of our comfort zone, we can quite often dream up of what we would like to do, but never venture there.  We sometimes find that the edge of our comfort zone is like walking out to the edge of a diving board where we shuffle our feet, taking deep breaths, not sure of the exact moment will be when we slip, lose our balance or take the leap – that fear keeps us safe.

So much can be missed in life to not take that plunge and try out something new and different.  There is a definite sense of exhilaration that can be felt from that moment when you take those steps out from your comfort area.

Here are 4 reasons why you can benefit by stepping out of your comfort zone:

  1. Learn about yourself– each time to achieve something you didn’t think you would be able to, you feel a sense of confidence through pushing through your limiting self-beliefs.  You are able to build your self-esteem because you have pushed past your boundaries and realised what is possible.
  2. Opportunity to grow – Taking risks and challenging yourself can help you reach your greatest performance level. If you remain in your normal routine and keep to your usual habits, you can’t expect to evolve and reach to levels.  New experiences and opportunities may seem like risks or obstacles, but if you start seeing them as adventures and opportunities, you will find your own creativity to reach a solution or answer.
  3. Understand how to deal with challenges– Having experience of knowing that you were able to overcome something you thought was impossible or insurmountable, provides you will the skills and confidence you need to face problems and find solutions head on.
  4. Create new relationships – By learning about yourself and developing yourself confidence, you will create better relationships with others. Trying something new creates opportunities to meet different people you may not have met if you have remained in your comfort zone.

I certainly know that stepping out of my comfort zone gave me a great sense of exhilaration and confidence and through my professional life I am always encouraging our clients to do the same – I must practice what I preach!