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Executive Coaching – a Business Priority

The Xenonex team has been encouraged by the way in which coaching, mentoring and leadership has been embraced, developed and, more recently, embedded within the workplace.


The Ridler report (www.ridlerandco.com/ridler-report) analyses strategic trends in the use of executive coaching and the latest results show that coaching remains high on the business agenda.


Data gathered from 145 major public and private sector organisations show that almost half (47%) use independent executive coaches. This is expected to rise in the next few years.However, as managers have become more knowledgeable about the benefits of coaching so too have their expectations of what they want from an external coach.  Organisations are requiring higher levels of training and accreditation from external coaches, supporting the perception that externals have higher levels of expertise and experience than internals.


Unsurprisingly, external coaching is still more prevalent than internal coaching and among senior management 85% prefer external coaches, very few at this level use internal coaches.


Xenonex are also pleased to see that executive coaching is now seen by coachees as evidence of the organisation’s investment in them. 83% of coachees consider that coaching signifies that the organisation highly values them. This confirms the anecdotal evidence we have gathered through our own work.


The Xenonex team has first hand experience in having developed and embedded coaching in a global organisation.  As an approved ILM Centre running a full suite of open and in-house programmes we train both External Coaches and Internal Coaches.


To find out more contact Jo Watson, Business Development Manager on 01423 876371 or email jo.watson@xenonex.co.uk