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Why every CEO needs a Coach

CEOs sometimes are initially reluctant to start working with a Coach, stating that they don’t have the time, budget or desire to spend part of their working day discussing themselves and their approach. The reality is that those who invest time in themselves feel the benefit of being able to see themselves through others eyes, potentially improve their performance and growth (and that of their business) and reduce the things all businesses dread like losing market share, attrition, and lack of employee engagement.

Ray Williams in Psychology Today, states a strong case for why every CEO needs coaching.

”Business leaders are dealing with rapidly changing markets, technologies and workforces, increased financial and legal scrutiny… and more. Top executives who feel that they can handle it all by themselves are more likely to burn out, make poor decisions or make no decisions – potentially resulting in significant loss of opportunities, human resources and financial resources. The job of CEO is unique for several perspectives; no one else needs to hear the truth more, and gets it less from employees; no one else is the focus of criticism when things go wrong; non one else is the final decision maker on difficult and often lose-lose decisions; and finally, no one else enjoys the almost hero-celebrity status and rewards”.

Xenonex has worked with numerous CEOs and Senior Executives over the last 10 years and in each case we have worked with varying agendas including 'Imposter Syndrome', self-confidence issues, assertiveness and influence, communication style and avoidance of those tough conversations.

Xenonex is an approved ILM Centre and is recognised for the quality and standard of its training in the National ILM Hall of Fame. The Xenonex team trains internal and external coaches and has experience of developing and embedding coaching within the public and private sector.   Within the last month Xenonex has launched “Xenonex Academy”, a suite of in-house written online leadership and management courses which all offer support via a coaching approach.


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