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Xenonex Coaching – Creating Connections

In the workplace we need to be able to find commonality with colleagues in order to work together.  It is even more important when establishing a coaching relationship to be able to make connections that enable great conversations (or difficult ones!).


This brief article adapted from “To Connect Across Cultures, Find Out What You Have in Common,” by Andy Molinsky and Sujin Jang, gives some simple tips to focus on people’s similarities rather than the differences.

When working with a person from another culture, your instinct might be to try to identify cultural differences so that you can alter your own behaviour to avoid any faux pas.

But focusing on differences alone won’t help you build connections. To do that, you have to focus on similarities. Perhaps it’s a hobby you have in common, a shared love of a particular sport, or the fact that both of you are working away from your families.

You can discover these commonalities in conversation, through basic research, or simply by noticing the pictures and memorabilia on the person’s desk. The possibilities are endless.

By focusing on similarities, you have the power to create connections and build relationships that either supersede cultural differences or make them irrelevant

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Suzanna Prout