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BREAKING NEWS: Xenonex – coming to a town or city near you. Anytime, Any place, Anywhere

I’ve had many conversations with clients over the years looking for a number of team members from their Southern, Midlands, Scottish or Welsh offices to train with us, yet the majority of our open coaching programmes were mainly run from Yorkshire. We’ve been able to meet a specific need when cohort numbers were of a particular size, but sadly this wasn’t always the case.

Equally, I’ve spent a large chunk of my professional life on planes, trains and on the road. I certainly won’t be the first person to be able to recite all the main concessions at service stations up and down motorways across the UK. I’ve sat in the most horrendous traffic and have missed many a social occasion or family commitment due to engineering works or delayed flights.

As soon as COVID forced us to pivot all of our delivery on to our online platform (xenonex.academy), we began to quickly see the benefits that this would bring:

·      We can now recruit delegates from anywhere across the UK and Internationally, run programmes at any time and beam these programmes live and direct in to any work or home environment.

·      We can now provide additional time with our delegates as we have extended our programmes to add in even more support and (virtual) face to face contact.

·      The technology is fantastic!  - there really isn’t anything we can’t replicate online including breakout rooms, lively and fun discussion and debate, online assessment submission and live Q&As with assessors and still continue to provide comprehensive 1-1 feedback to keep delegates growing and learning.

·      No more travelling for our clients to a new location, getting lost or stuck in traffic or paying for parking.

·      No more missing elements of our programmes due to a diary clash or due to illness, as we record and share all of our inputs.

·      Lots of opportunities to widen delegates’ networks geographically, as well as sector wide – it’s all about who you know…

·      Finally, and most importantly the feedback has been fantastic from our existing delegates – “we love the interaction, it’s just like we are all still together in one room”.

Through our Xenonex Academy, we can now deliver the very best in interactive LIVE ONLINE delivery direct to you in an engaging and modern way of connecting with others. Boundaries are only in the mind and at Xenonex we’ve just pulled another one down. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a people person and I love interacting with people, learning about their stories and having meaningful, life changing conversations. Surely it all has to be face to face?.....how wrong was I!

Why not come and join us? See our full range of LIVE ONLINE and ON DEMAND ILM Coaching, Mentoring, Leadership and Management programmes at xenonex.academy and join the revolution.

Suzanna Prout

MD Xenonex Ltd