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Xenonex Coaching and the 5 Rules of the Best Bosses

This popped into my emails this week and I thought I'd share it with you - something to think about over the weekend? It's interesting (although not surprising) that all of these are closely aligned with coaching and the work the Xenonex team do with senior leaders.


Amazing bosses try to make work meaningful and enjoyable for employees. They’re most successful when they adhere to a few best practices:


  • Manage individuals, not just teams. When you’re under pressure, you can forget that employees have varying interests, abilities, goals, and styles of learning. But it’s important to understand what makes each person tick so that you can customize your interactions with them.


  • Go big on meaning. Inspire people with a vision, set challenging goals, and articulate a clear purpose. Don’t rely on incentives like bonuses, stock options, or raises.


  • Focus on feedback. Use regular (at least weekly) one-on-one conversations for coaching. Make the feedback clear, honest, and constructive.


  • Don’t just talk — listen. Pose problems and challenges, and then ask questions to enlist the entire team in generating solutions.


  • Be consistent. Be open to new ideas in your management style, vision, expectations, and feedback. If change becomes necessary, acknowledge it quickly.


Our experience shows that a coaching culture within an organisation can support leaders with all of the points outlined above.


If you are looking to develop your skills in coaching we are currently recruiting for our ILM7 open programme in Executive Coaching and Mentoring starting in Leeds in June 2016.


It is aimed at senior managers, HR professionals and professional coaches keen to enhance and accredit their experience.  It is also the ideal qualification for those looking to lead a coach practice or work as an executive coach.


The programme is designed to enable learners to critically review the role and contribution of coaching and mentoring at a senior level and helps you build a specific bank of tools and strategies designed for the corporate arena.


Xenonex is an approved ILM Centre and is recognised for the quality and standard of its training in the National ILM Hall of Fame. The Xenonex team trains internal and external coaches and has experience of developing and embedding coaching within the public and private sector.


For more information call 01423 876371/0113 322 9234 or email jo.watson@xenonex.co.uk.


Suzanna Prout