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Award winning case study

We were fortunate enough this week to be invited to present an award winning case study of our work at a regional HR Directors forum in Cambridgeshire. The level of interest in developing internal coaching strategies and how to recruit, select and develop a pool of Internal Coaches was really apparent


In the past so many organisations have exclusively used coaching for the Senior Executive Team and that is where it has ended. The recognition now for coaching at all levels within a business demonstrates the need for all staff at all levels to be firing on all cylinders and raising the bar – especially if the business wants to stay one step ahead of the competition. Given the current economic climate and the level of restructuring taking place we are beginning to see more thought put in to supporting those that are left (with wider roles/ remits) than ever before.


Our recommendation? - Look for the natural Coaches within the business, those that really believe in the impact of non-directional coaching and provide a framework and accredited training so that they can successfully offer a confidential service to employees whilst at the same time feedback generic emerging themes from the overall coaching programme to the business. Win – win!


Suzanna Prout