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10 Years…..

1. What made you start Xenonex?

I have always aspired to set up and run my own business and my background as a coach and consultant provided a fantastic platform to launch Xenonex. Working across different sectors, and having insight of both internal and external coaching strategies, meant that I was able to offer a unique proposition to our clients. However, fundamentally, it was proving to myself that I could!

2. What have been your biggest achievements?

·     Within the first year, Xenonex were recognised as a preferred provider of coaching services across the whole of the Further Education sector.

·     We were showcased in the National ILM Hall of Fame, recognising the quality of our training.

·     Working closely with City and Guilds to design and deliver a brand new accredited qualifications in the Public Sector.

·     Presenting alongside Ruby Wax on the effects of coaching on individual’s and organisation’s well-being.

·     Launching Xenonex Online Academy in 2017.

·     This year, we have launched the Northern Coaching Network, which is an organisational membership network.

 3. What are you most proud of?

The reputation we have gained throughout the past 10 years and, as Managing Director of Xenonex, I am still very much involved in the day to day running and delivery, which is essential given that client relationships and understanding client needs is of paramount importance to getting it right.

Our Alumni group of Executive coaches is testament to who we have trained and what we have achieved over the past 10 years.

 4. Who have you worked with?

Too many to mention, however does include: Sky Betting and Gaming, Minster Law, Vodafone, Hallmark Cards, Zurich international School, JCT600, Thomas Cook, Direct Line Group, LTE Group, College of Policing, Redcentric. We have also worked extensively across the Public Sector, Fire, Police, Education, Councils.

 5. What makes Xenonex different?

We hold a unique position in that we can deliver and embed coaching strategies at every level, within an organisation as well as train and accredit teams of internal coaches and provide ongoing supervision. Our online academy provides an additional opportunity for all managers and leaders to carry out essential personal and professional development, as well as to engage and motivate high performing teams.

6. What’s the future for Xenonex?

·     Further develop and expand our Online Academy

·     Grow and facilitate the Northern Coaching Network

Whatever the future holds for us, we will always be motivated, engaged and focused on having fun with the people we work with along the way.