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ARE YOU ASKING THE RIGHT KIND OF QUESTIONS? – See the real person behind the role

Given the crisis management many organisations have been facing in these extraordinary times, it’s understandable if many leaders and managers have been largely focused on achieving specific tasks and goals in order to keep the ‘show on the road’. But without a focus on your people and the strength and quality of your relationships, this… Read More

Why choose e-learning?

  Xenonex Online Academy was developed in response to the changing needs of our clients and how we can deliver innovative programmes utilising technology.  Technology has changed the way of learning and working beyond recognition.  Online learning and training in the workplace is a much more efficient and cost effective way of training and developing staff… Read More

Northern Coaching Network

       Before establishing Xenonex, I worked as an internal coach at KPMG.  I was aware of a number of coaching groups that catered, in the main, for self-employed coaches.  I would have really benefitted from networking with other internal coaches in organisations, in order to share best practice to co-coach and co-supervise.  (See… Read More

How the Xenonex Academy changed Minster Law’s view on e-learning.

  Client Background Minster Law Solicitors are personal injury specialists with specific expertise in accidents on a motorcycle, road traffic accidents and those involving a vehicle. Culturally they have a Customer focussed approach that underpins all developments in the business, delivering an impressive track record of achieving excellent outcomes for customers. Based in Wakefield, they employ… Read More

Have you stepped out of your comfort zone recently?

  As an Executive Coach, Trainer and Presenter I am used to addressing large groups of people, as it is part of my everyday role, but this was something else!  Agreeing to dance with a group of wonderful women all dressed in Serbian costume in front of 400 people at Bingley Arts Centre on the… Read More

10 Years…..

1. What made you start Xenonex? I have always aspired to set up and run my own business and my background as a coach and consultant provided a fantastic platform to launch Xenonex. Working across different sectors, and having insight of both internal and external coaching strategies, meant that I was able to offer a unique proposition… Read More

Why Workplace Morale Matters!

The way we work is constantly evolving and certainly over the past decade, the workplace has seen numerous changes which have pushed organisations to begin to strive for a culture that empowers employees and in turn boost the business. Although this can be seen most acutely in the digital industry and workplaces, there is no… Read More

Why e-Learning Is So Effective?

E-learning is a hot topic, and there’s a very good reason for that! If done right, it produces fantastic results, whilst decreasing costs and improving performance. It’s been praised for its flexibility and cost-efficiency, ability to deliver in a more efficient way and is known to be the preferred method of learning for most people…. Read More

Why Big Change Can Only Happen If Leaders Focus On Changing Minds Not Policies

Big change is big news in business, whether in the form of legislation change like pensions or GDPR or indeed simply a step change in terms of business manifestos and corporate policy. According to a study by BCG, 85% of companies have undertaken a transformation during the past decade, however the same research went on… Read More

3 Key Conflict Management Strategies Every Leader Needs To Know

The definition of a team is “to come together for a common purpose or goal” – whilst in theory and on paper seems perfect, in reality a different picture is painted. Business and team leaders often find themselves in the position of peacemaker when two team members butt heads, or where there is tension within… Read More

How To Capture Moments For Coaching Outside Official Coaching Sessions

We’ve written before about importance of listening as a tool for great leaders and it is always good to recall the oft repeated phrase about having two ears and one mouth and using them proportionally. Coaching others isn’t always easy. Daily pressures, expectations along with life and career demands often overtake our work, leaving limited… Read More

The Importance Of Supporting The Personal Development Of Your Workforce

Without a doubt one of the most important and effective things you can do to nurture and in turn retain talent within your business is to provide them with personal development opportunities and further to that, support them with it. Personal development can encompass anything from new skill training to leadership and management development right… Read More

Why every CEO needs a Coach

CEOs sometimes are initially reluctant to start working with a Coach, stating that they don’t have the time, budget or desire to spend part of their working day discussing themselves and their approach. The reality is that those who invest time in themselves feel the benefit of being able to see themselves through others eyes,… Read More

Still unsure whether, as a Manager, you should be coaching your staff?

This article (“4 Reasons Managers Should Spend More Time On Coaching” by Joseph R Weintraub and James M Hunt, Harvard Business Review, 29 May 2015) explores research about managers who coach regularly to see what drives them and what the benefits could be.  Xenonex has worked with many organisations of all sizes and from all… Read More

Good Xenonex Coaching Conversations start with Good Listeners

We’ve written before about the skill of listening as a tool for great leaders and it is always good to recall the oft repeated phrase about having two ears and one mouth and using them proportionally!  As coaches the Xenonex team know that all good coaching conversations start with good listening.   This short article… Read More

Xenonex looks at why Manager’s Needs to Practice Two Types of Coaching

Organisations that embrace a coaching culture will already be aware of the benefits of frequent coaching.  A combination of a formal and informal coaching approach can often be the best way to support all employees in improving their performance.   It’s interesting to read in this edited article by US Management Consultant Dick Grote that… Read More

Xenonex Shares Simple Steps for Giving Difficult Feedback

We often find that the leaders we work with return from a summer break refreshed and ready to tackle some of the more difficult issues that they need to deal with.  Commonly this also includes having to talk to the team about their performance – or lack of it.    We know that many people… Read More