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Xenonex gets top marks on delivering Executive Coaching programme


Xenonex Ltd has been awarded ‘Top Marks’ from the Chief Executive and Principal of Leeds City College, Peter Roberts on delivering their Executive Coaching Programme across their Senior Executive Team.
As the Number One preferred provider for Executive Coaching services for the Further Education sector, Xenonex Ltd has been working closely with the Senior Executive Team at Leeds City College over the past 3 years in order to develop and embed a coaching culture from the top down.

Peter Roberts – Chief Executive and Principal reported
“There is no doubt that the Executive Coaching provided had a significant and positive impact.  Individuals have all fed back that the coaching made them more thoughtful about how to work better, to think through different approaches, and in many cases made them confront issues whilst still at “molehill” size.  There is no doubt that, surprisingly to many of us, we were taken out of our comfort zone, our self-reflection and decision making improved, and we became better leaders and managers as a result.”
Suzanna Prout MD and her team of experienced Senior Executive Coaches worked with both the team and individuals at the College, assisting in setting both Public and Private goals and developing a tailor-made approach for their business.
“Throughout all this the coaching was both challenging and supportive, and the fact that the Xenonex team knew about our world (of Further Education and Higher Education) was a critical aspect and instrumental in its success.
In addition, the professionalism of Xenonex and the willingness “to go the extra mile” for us, whilst the norm for them, was an unexpected bonus.”


For further information on Executive Coaching Programmes with Xenonex Ltd please visit www.xenonex.co.uk or call Liz Hines, PA to Suzanna Prout MD on 01423 876371.