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"A fantastic workshop and would recommend. Valued understanding the difference between mentoring and coaching."
S Ball, HR Director
"Best course I have ever been on….truly."
Paul Riggieri, Finance Director
"An excellent workshop which covered a broad spectrum of coaching disciplines and enabled me to feel confident on taking on an internal coaching role."
John Holdsworth, IT Solutions Director
"Talented and professional delivery and offering a great and easy way to access a subject that is challenging and complex."
Bryan Sharkey, Customer Services/Integration
All from Senior Leadership Team, Vocalink who undertook an in-house internal coaching programme.
"Thank You Suzanna, Louise (and wider team) of Xenonex. I attended a Level 7 Executive Coaching Programme. The course offered a blend of coaching practice, group and individual exercises, Industry insights, theory, private study and networking with other aspiring Executive Coaches."
Bobby Singh, Consultant, BSA Traning
"Thanks so much to Xenonex for the inspiring, rigorous and wonderfully supported delivery of the ILM 7 Executive Coaching course. Xenonex delivery is full of insight, humour and well-grounded practice, which make the workshops a pleasure and the guidance and support for the formal assessments make the curriculum less daunting. It has been a rich experience in personal and professional development, and lovely to meet such a vibrant group of committed coaches and grow alongside them."
Karen Bharaj, Business Consultant and Executive Coach, Basanti Consulting
"I was delighted to be part of the leadership programme which has been facilitated with great professionalism by Suzanna and Steve from Xenonex. I was impressed by their ability to personalise the programme by their understanding of each of us so quickly, and as a result to get the balance perfect between challenge and support. As a leadership team we are much better for the experience and it will undoubtedly help us to grow stronger together."
Wallace Sampson, Chief Executive, Harrogate Borough Council


"A transformational leadership programme that was inspiring, positive and challenging. It has enhanced and improved both my own leadership and how we operate as a management team. The coaching enabled me to see things from a different perspective and deal with issues and problems in a new way. I would highly recommend Xenonex to all organisations who truly want to make a difference, provide strong leadership and become high performing."
Kay Atherton, Head of Organisational Development and Improvement, Harrogate Borough Council


At Zurich international School we find the professional growth training from Xenonex to be vital to our strategic leadership team's professional development. The outstanding workshops ran throughout the year (complemented by outstanding individual coaching sessions) were extremely influential to develop a school culture grounded in a growth-mindset. These sessions also provided the basis for development of campus-based teams which provide a platform for leaders to discuss professional growth connected to professional development, goals, etc. Feedback from our pilot group of teachers regarding this enhanced approach to professional growth planning is extremely positive. We are confident we now have the capacity to effectively transition to this model with all faculty next year. We look forward to Xenonex' continued guidance and support in 2016-17.
Dr Jeff Paulson, Director, Zurich International School


"I attended the Xenonex level 7 certificate training programme with some relevant prior experience, but had no idea of the personal development journey I would go on!  I found the course to be stimulating, practical, theoretical and really enjoyable.  My fellow classmates had a wealth of experience to learn from and the excellent tutors encouraged and challenged us at every step.  Susanna Prout and Louise Wembridge from Xenonex both have years of experience which was evident, and they each provided support and guidance on theory, practice, and assignments which was helpful.  Overall I would not hesitate to recommend Xenonex for coaching training, due to the quality of the teaching and the resources and support provided."
Susie Phillips-Baker, Organisational Psychologist, Public Sector

"I have had two executive coaches through Xenonex whilst working in different organisations and sectors as HR Director.  Both coaches were experienced and knowledgeable and able to challenge me professionally and personally to ensure I got the most out of the sessions.  I found the coaching invaluable as a personal development tool, enabling me to take time out to address how I was feeling and performing at work.  The coaching has had a positive impact on my own performance and wellbeing and has enabled me to provide better support and guidance to members of my team.  I would not hesitate to recommend Xenonex to any organisation interested in taking forward coaching."
Lindsey Stafford-Scott, Director of Human Resources and Organisational Development, Essex Fire and Rescue Service
"We have been delighted by the work of Xenonex over the last year in developing and supporting the strategic leadership team of Hull College Group in improving our team dynamic and performance. The sessions pushed us out of our comfort zones and challenged our thinking in a number of key areas.The quality of preparation, input and follow up were excellent and hugely valued by all members of the team."
Gary Warke, Chief Executive, Hull College Group

"My coaching journey was a smooth transition from a scatty, random and all over the place individual to an calm, confident and independent senior leader that now knows how to use different control strategies for the unpredictable and challenging nature of my role."
Kash Barlow, Assistant Director for Learning, The Manchester College
“It was a pleasure to work with Xenonex as an organisation as a whole and with Louise as an individual coach. At all levels the interactions have been professional and flexible and we would look to partner with Xenonex again.”
Paul Taylor, Director of People Strategy, The Manchester College Group
"The coaching programmes run by Xenonex provide an excellent mix of practical and theory based learning for all levels of coaching, with plenty of opportunity to practice your coaching skills."
Bev Ashby, Executive Coach and Mentor, Bev Ashby Associates Ltd.
“I loved the practical elements of the ILM 7 programme, the opportunity to gain feedback on real coaching sessions from qualified, insightful and experienced coaches.”
Meg Burton, Executive Career Coach, Cube Learning and Development
"Xenonex provide organisations with an opportunity to coach employees using emotional intelligence in a format that is productive, challenging and safe. They help the employee to develop and achieve the changes they want in their work/personal life in a structured positive way.  I would thoroughly recommend them to any organisation who is thinking of employing them to coach their employees, especially their Senior Leadership Team." 
Gill Ellis, Head of OD and Talent - The Manchester College
"I have worked with Xenonex over a number of years.  Working in a complex organisations has presented challenges to my own leadership skills .  As a Principal I have strived to give clarity of vision and purpose, the coaching and mentoring model used by Xenonex has enabled me to achieve my goals and that of the organisation.  While working with my coach I have felt challenged and supported to achieve effective outcomes, I could not recommend them highly enough."
Lynn Merilion, Principal - City of Bristol College
"The ILM 7 course delivered by Xenonex provides a great balance between theory and practical application, providing knowledge of leadership challenges and how to manage within a coaching relationship.  A great qualification to support practising coaches and those starting out." 
Pip Storrar, Senior Consultant - Ernst & Young
"Throughout all this the coaching was both challenging and supportive, and the fact that the Xenonex team knew about our world (of Further Education and Higher Education) was a critical aspect and instrumental in its success. In addition, the professionalism of Xenonex and the willingness “to go the extra mile” for us, whilst the norm for them, was an unexpected bonus."
Peter Roberts, Principal & Chief Exec - Leeds City College
"An excellent Executive Coach who provides first class support enabling me to explore my ideas, develop my thinking and receive appropriate challenge in a confidential and non-threatening environment"
CEO, Further Education College
"My senior management team have been able to take a critical step forward in their personal development as a direct result of your input."
Company Director, Financial Services
'Xenonex's track record truly speaks for itself'.
CEO, Public Sector
"A feature of Xenonex's work is their attention to detail, thoroughness and all round professionalism. Coaches, Mentors and trainers are experienced, confident and engaging."
Ian Clinton, Principal & Chief Exec - Blackburn College
'Their ability to coach others is exemplary',
 Senior Partner, Global Partnership
'We are delighted to have Xenonex working with us. The challenge and development delivered by Xenonex's programme has had a significant impact on individual performances to the extent that we are now seeking to roll this out across the whole service'.
Chief Adviser, Local Government
'They have the ability to both lead and develop a vision as well as the know-how in order to make it happen'
Senior Executive, Private Sector
'The coaching provided to the Executive has transformed our leadership capability and approach'
Principal, Education Sector
'Their impact is impressive'
CEO, Public Sector
'Try them – you won't be disappointed'
Executive Director, Private Sector
"I am a real advocate for the coaching approach employed by Xenonex. The team are experienced and professional making sure the individual and the organisation (College) get the most out of it. I thoroughly recommend Xenonex."
George Trow, Principal, Doncaster College
'Outstanding training which will make a huge difference to the Academy! It was amazingly positive and staff were quick to understood the benefits of coaching both for themselves and for their students,. The day was well structured and organised - it was particularly useful to have smaller break out sessions with different trainers which resulted in full engagement by everyone having time to practically experience being a coach and being coached.The feedback from staff has been overwhelmingly positive. Overall it was a thoroughly enjoyable day, which lay strong foundations for introducing a coaching culture into Abbey Grange Church of England Academy'.
Helen Carr Assistant Principal - Staff Development and Welfare Abbey Grange Church of England Academy
“Very pragmatic approach, putting theory into practice and providing great support to me in developing my own coaching skills.  Really knowledgeable facilitators with experience of coaching in variety of sectors, giving a depth to discussion of both the theory and the practical elements of coaching.” 
Jayne McPhillimy - Organisational Development Consultant - Self  Leadership - Organisational Effectiveness - Direct Line Group
“I have recently become a freelance consultant working in the health sector with a background in performance and organisational improvement. I wanted to broaden my business offer to my clients by incorporating Executive Coaching into my portfolio and the ILM course run by Xenonex allowed me to demonstrate a credible and recognised set of competencies. The course has been highly interactive with a great mix of people and the opportunity to combine theoretical learning with the chance to try out my coaching skills through practical assessments. The skills I have gained have really helped with my broader pieces of work with clients too.”
Sue Hillyard , Director - Amplio Consulting Ltd
“Once again Xenonex delivers the right balance of theory and practice, challenging preconceptions and maximising learning opportunities in the development of coaching, both for individuals and for the organisation.”
Mike Gaston, Principal and CEO - Totton College



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