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Case Studies

Our clients include some of the largest and most successful organisations as well as those that are small and perfectly formed! Together we have seen the real benefits that coaching can bring not only to the bottom line but also to clarity of vision, goal orientation and employee engagement. We believe in what we do because we've seen its IMPACT time and time again.

Some examples of current projects to illustrate our range of services are provided below:

  • Working with a newly-merged FE Board to identify what it means to be 'World-Class'.
  • Working with a traditional CEO and Senior Leadership Team to identify barriers to its success using a challenging and supportive framework
  • Coaching the Top Talent at Bradford University- variety of issues including managing relationships, career development, strategic planning and leadership
  • Developing a Coaching register for University of Warwick's Business School's Executive MBA programme
  • Developing the first UK Internal Coach accreditation programme in collaboration with Bradford University's School of Management
  • Coaching Partner Track candidates on the Leadership Track at a Global Partnership (KPMG)- focus on personal impact and business development
  • Coaching Senior Manager in a Children's Centre on strategic business planning
  • First 100 days coaching for a new CEO. In addition 'transitioning' coaching for his new team
  • Coaching a Head Teacher on managing conflict in order to challenge some of her under-performing staff
  • Working with a group of Local Authority Advisors on positioning the Authority to deliver an 'Outstanding' service and to be recognised as such by the Inspectorate.
  • Coaching Senior Managers at a bank on the Cultural harmonisation issues arising out of its merger with a global banking group.
  • Being the Coaching provider of choice for both a national members Association
  • Executive Coaching with a Senior Manager in an international Technology-based industry on 'positioning' for the next layer up
  • Providing added-value services for a Recruitment Agency appointing to senior positions in the public sector.
  • Providing consultancy services to an organisation wishing to develop, recruit, induct, manage and supervise a pool of its own Internal Coaches.
  • Providing a menu of personalised 360 tools to address aspects of personal development for a new senior team.
  • Providing 1-1 coaching for under-represented groups within organisations e.g. women in senior Board positions within a major financial services firm


Some of the clients we are proud to have worked with...

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